Cheap USA Sim card

Hi guys,
My Uncle is going away to America in the summer and will want to use his phone a bit out there. I'm trying to convince him that getting a roaming simcard would save him a LOT of money! I have had a quick look arround the forums but can't find a mention of them. If anyone could share any good deals it would be appreciated.

So far this looks the best oneroam.co.uk/sim…=95

Thanks, Mat.


If your uncle has a wifi compatible smart phone he may possibly be able to use Skype.

I bought one off ebay last year when I went.

Try something like this 140242701238

Original Poster

Thanks guys.
He doesn't have a Wifi phone but that's definately the kind of thing I would look into if I was going myself!

I'm guessing that was an eBay link Looks good I'll keep an eye on it thanks!

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