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Found 16th Jan 2009
Don't know how many Audio-tech heads are in here but does anyone know of any good websites/places where I can pick up some cheap (used )studio equipment. ie Studio Monitors.Looking for some but don't really want to pay the full whack.

Of course apart from the usual: Gumtree, ebay and all that. Oh- and X electricals.

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3 Comments might be worth a shot (although it's mainly electronic musicians - there's a Marketplace section in the forum). has a classifieds section too - Reader's Ads on the top menu.

Hope this helps
I was going to say that Gumtree does it for me, but then, you seem to have that one covered. Be patient with it, and you can bag yourself loads of bargains there. Besides that, muso forums is probably a good place. Tape Op, DV247, and (I think) MusicTech all have pretty active communities. is more US-centric but you might be able to get something good from there. Ask around.

By the way, if you'd fancy an M-Audio NRV10 Firewire for £280 delivered sans stock AC adaptor (it went walkabout, I use a special PC power cable for it now), let me know.
thanks guys. rep to all!

I'll have a browse through those classifieds..i'm just a bit impatient right now!

no thanks to the M-Audio NRV10 - I just got myself an mbox 2.woohoo!
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