Cheap Van Hire

    Will be moving house in a couple of weeks, and was just wondering if anyone knew anywhere I could hire a van from cheap?

    We don't have loads of stuff as its our first house, but got some furniture bits and stuff, could possibly use a family members van, but just wanted to get an idea of price as we may get a bit stuck, and would probably be easier to hire!

    We're in Cheltenham if that helps!


    Hi Penny,
    I have not hired a van in Cheltenham but I have hired a lot of vans in the past. From experience the price depends on the Company you use, the mileage you are going to do, the size of van and when you want it. Weekdays are cheaper.

    Here is a Google search for vans in your area:-

    Read this week that Stelios / Easyjet are launching a van hire services very soon. Sorry i

    [SIZE=2](ooops what happened)...don't have any more details but it was publicising the launch of the easyvan hire. Maybe thier car hire company may be able to provide details.[/SIZE]

    Original Poster

    Thanks found the easyvan hire website, is £37 a day for a ford transit van(don't know how big that is), cheaper than the other place I found, will consult with the other half!
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