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Posted 21st Nov
I've seen lots of cheap knock offs of the apple air pods. Can anyone recommend a good pair. I can't afford the real deal but I know my 15 year old would love something similar for christmas.
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I bought some from and it’s a app... I paid £4.50 a pair i7 tws there called.

work fine, sound ok, battery last a couple of hours. But I’m going to get proper ones as I want longer battery life...
Checkout r/reptronics

The newer models are almost identical in use, can connect the same as airpods find them in the apple app and re name them.

I have Galaxy Buds and Sony MW3's but the cloned airpods seem to get very favorable reviews!

Good luck
Try QCY.
Search for TWS i60. Identical to AirPods and have decent battery life and sound not bad. Get them for less that £30…px7

I've just bought my son a pair of these, and they're so good I've purchased myself a pair too! £39.99
These have got rave review: closet thing to real airpods: UrbanPods currently £50 in a nice matte black.
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