cheap VHS player

    Hi Forum, Can anyone advise where I will find a cheap vhs palyer,

    There was a website a while ago that had Bush VHS players for 19.99 but cannot remember the site??

    Thanks in advance




    My god...VHS...have you tried Ebay or maybe car boot sales? would have thought you could pick them up cheap there

    Original Poster

    Thanks Shaunh7 thats the website I was looking for Thx

    Does it have to be a new player? I have a used silver one that I no longer need. Not sure of the make but I think it's either a sony or toshiba, I can check when I get home and post photos (well try to...I'm not very technical!)

    £15 delivered via paypal gift and sent Royal Mail standard parcels (you get proof of sending with this) feedback on here but 400 on fleabay - 'youngchunky'
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