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    I am after a good/cheap video player and now places are going to stop stocking them anyone know of any great deals?
    Would have to be Stereo and Video Plus.


    Do they still make these ?

    VCR's are on the way out big style. Not sure this is true but a mate told me my local Dixon's no longer stocks any

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    But still think I will buy one for under £30 and then buy a re-recordable DVD when they come under £40.

    and then buy a re-recordable DVD when they come under £40

    going to be waiting a long time then, best price i've seen them was as a one off half price offer just under £100! :cry: [/quote]

    VCR's are losing the battle. I think it was Dixons who said last week that they won't be stocking them anymore.

    So, there should be some cheap ones around to clear out soon

    From the BBC website: CLICK HERE

    Going for a l :shock: k

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    Think I will wait for the sales now and buy one. It is only for the spare room and I can live with the fact that I will soon be like granddad buying old bits of tecnlogy

    Whatever I buy will definately have to be Stereo.

    I don't think it will be that long before recordable DVD players come down in price again, problem will be sorting out the bad quality players from the good.

    Thanks for your help everyone.

    Dixons were never particuarly good with stock anyway, or prices, or much else

    Check out ebay too!
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