Cheap Video Sender Wanted

    Hello fellow bargain hunters.

    I'm looking to pipe my satellite receiver in to my bedroom, so looking for a cheap video sender with the ability to change channels (though I'm guessing they all let you do that).




    Maplin are selling them, prices go from 49.99 to 129.99:…T=E

    here's one cheap - £34.99…gle

    Argos £49.99…345

    this one explicitly says that it has remote control extender (cat.No:5345014):…d=-

    Pixmania - £48, has infrared extender…tml

    another one £39.99, from the picture it seems it has infrared extender…749

    They have them occasionally in Aldi (£19.99 Medion), I bought Medion for 29.99 in ToysRus year ago. Walk in and have a look, they may be selling it. You can get them on Ebay for about £35 delivered, depends if you are confident to buy from there. Like this one:…294

    I use Medion. I use it for watching on-line transmissions (from internet) or DVDs - picture on TV and sound through Hi-Fi. It is played on PC in a different room, without having to listen to the PC noise.

    There are many more....


    I will sell you my Medion one (sounds like it's the same at Petr) for £25 inc postage via bank transfer?

    It's basically brand new. Tested only.

    Original Poster

    Cheers for taking the time to put together that comprehensive list, bkpetr. Much appreciated.
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