Cheap waterproof trousers/ jacket

    Any suggestions?

    Going to the Lake District in half term with family and i own nothing waterproof..

    probably will never have the need for it after this (well not very often anyway)

    so im looking for something cheap that will do the job and keep me dry

    any suggestions?



    Lovely - and you'll look a stunner for only £3.73 from ]LAWSONS

    Original Poster

    haha very funny

    is this that material that makes you soaked even if its not raining

    I think something a tad more stylish might be good

    It doesn't always rain in the Lake District you know. We visited a couple of years ago from Friday to Monday at the beginning of November and yes it was cold, but it was also bright sunshine and beautiful, never rained once so perhaps you could just get away with your usual clothes, unless you're planning on jumping in the lake or something!!

    there are lots of blacks and millets stores closing down around the country.
    some have 70% but there might not be much left know.
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