Cheap Way to do Disneyland Paris?

Found 5th Jan 2011
Is there a cheap way to "do" Disneyland Paris?

We have only just come back from Egypt so we won't be heading off on holiday anytime soon but after seeing all the Disneyland adverts on TV, I had a quick look and it is shockingly expensive.

I would love to go there but £450 for two adults for a one night stay is way too much money!
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I dont think there really is a cheap way to do disney as the tickets and everything inside the park is always going to be expensive but ive always found it cheaper to actually stay in paris and commute to disney each day. Plus you might be able to stay an extra day or two and see some of paris.

The way me and my partner did it last time was we had a friend from paris at uni and we went to live with her family for a few days. She also had a friend who was a driver at the motor show in the park so we got free entry! Only ended up costing us the price of the eurostar and what my mrs spent on crap inside disney!
We just did but it wasnt that cheap, my advice would be to drive via the tunnel (not always the cheapest but it saves a lot of time) and stay mid week in the sante fe hotel. We found that an extra night and day in the dark was only £2.50 extra per person so thats worth checking. We also stayed in the davy crocket ranch which I can highly recommend
Local coach company? are very cheap for Disney?
I hear some ppl say it's cheaper to goto disneyworld
Joey Bloggsy

I hear some ppl say it's cheaper to goto disneyworld

not far off
my family and i use the coach tours david urqhart last year we we nt to disnyland paris a five day tour on b/b. evening meal is just a waste wegot a day in paris all day plus our tickets for disnyland no waiting for any of the rides etc. the hotel was perfect infact cant say anything about the holiday we will be going again this year value for money also there are some free places for kids check it out .
Get a cheap ryanair flight to paris beauvais airport, pay €25 on the shuttle bus from the airport and book a hotel just outside the resort, they start from £30 per room at and pay in. That would work out much cheaper than £450pp
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I just finished booking my holiday - it may be different as my booking is for 1 adult and 2 children (stay for free at the moment). I got b/b for 3 nights at santa fe and park tickets for 4 days, arriving 17th March (Thursday) and leaving 20th March (Sunday)- paid £284.00 all in.
Eurostar cost us £130.50 return (Im youth ticket as 25 years and one of my childen is 3 so free).
Def worth looking at disneyland paris site as pretty affordable in my opinion (if your looking at basic hotels, midweek and low season).
It will be our first time going and will be my birthday while we are there so I cant wait
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