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Cheap way to get Spotify


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    I've switched to a 24 month vodafone sim only contract with 160gb data for £17 a month after cashback through redemption from mobiles.co.uk. Includes spotify premium/youtube premium/amazon for the whole duration - Seemed to be the best value I could find to get spotify.

    Alternatively, find someone with a family account in a cheaper region like India and pay them for a year-long slot on it.
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    Looking at the deals on the mobiles.co.uk website currently it is either amazon prime or Spotify or YouTube premium....so you have to choose just 1 of those options.

    If it had included all 3 then it would have been a bargain!

    There is a 1 Yr sim only deal which works out at £25 per month with cashback....but with the cost of spotify premium being £10.99 that makes the SIM only portion £14.01 per month. Which is way more expensive than my current SIM only package for what it gives.

    Also the cashback terms seems to suggest that they send you a cheque or payment when you send them quarterly bills....which may put some people off.

    Thanks for highlighting the website....it may be a good option for some people. (edited)
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    If you're on Android you can get a "special" version. Can't download songs for offline listening though.
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    PM coming your way...
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    Those Eneba codes do work if you want to go down that road, but the only cheap, reliable way to get Spotify is to create a family share and sell access to the slots - you'll easily fill it on here.

    It's £16.99 a month for a family share which works out about £2.80 per person per month.

    The easiest way to do it is to insist it's paid on a yearly basis and use Paypal as your payment method. That way, everyone pays you the £34 up front, you stick it in the Paypal account and forget about it until a year later when you chase the payments again.

    All you have to do is maintain a list of the various email addresses of everyone and that's really it.

    Of course you could go down the other road of trying to buy one of those "lifetime" Spotify accounts but they are a complete crap shoot because they're basically slots on someone else's hacked family share, so you're always one click away from it being deactivated.

    Some people do get lucky and they have the account for a few years, but most people get found out fairly quickly. You usually get the sellers of these accounts "guaranteeing" access, but all that means in real terms is that if you get booted off one share, they'll just put you back on another one so you're right back where you started.

    Definitely go for the family share route though.
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    If you mean Spotify Premium then the cheapest way it to sign up to Microsoft rewards (free), they are currently giving a 3 month trial of Spotify Premium...
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    this is true but then u build this massive playlist then your stuck forever lol
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    Make an account or change your current one to Egypt and apply this.


    Works fine for me after my Filipino PayPal method stopped working.
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    £40 Spotify premium
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    I just got three months free with me doing the Microsoft bing point rewards
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