cheap way to heat a utility room

    just wondered if anyone knows a cheap device to heat a utility room at the moment its just a single bricked wall but we are getting it boarded because it is so cold as soon as you open the kitchen door and i dont want to leave a fan heater on all the time as it will cost a fortune and it will prob cost alot to get a radiator hooked up anyone got any suggestions thanks


    Oil filled radiator, its what we use for the same reason, couple been on here recently for £25ish.

    Hi you can get insulated plasterboard - foam on one side about 2 inches thick .Works well with my breeze block utility room.
    We have had the outside wall rendered as well.
    Also is there a roof void ?- insulation above the ceiling
    than a radiator fitted


    Set fire to a bin full of paper, wood and lighter fluid


    Use the dryer more.

    We had our outhouse converted into playroom & utilty room a couple of years ago. It would have cost us too much to put radiators in 'properly'. As the playroom is right next to the kitchen we got the radiator in there joined up to the kitchen radiator IYKWIM. Is there anyway that can be done?
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