Cheap way to reglaze Specs

Posted 1st Dec
Is there any cheap and quick ways to reglaze a pair of specs, my prescription is -7, Asda says £80 for the 1.67 lenses with two week turnaround?
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Quick: Vision Express (in-store).

Cheap & relatively quick: One of the many online dispensers, for example, However, I am not sure if they'd take an existing frame. I presume you don't just want to buy a new frame/lenses; just the lenses.
If you know your prescription use goggles4u. Really cheap and fast delivery
Yeah just the lenses, vision express are very expensive last time I checked and goggles4u don't do reglaze.
The problem with reglaze… if you do your current ones, then you're without them for a while and you lose what would still do as a backup.
If you want to do the frames before that, they are likely to be obsolete and spare parts (eg a replacement arm) impossible.

As another high prescriptioner with varifocal, I've looked at online, but by the time I've added photochromic, I don't save much and I like the service from my local optician … free adjustment, even when I'd crashed into a glass door and misaligned them significantly
try they are uk based with uk phone number to speak to someone instead of doing it yourself online
personally use just bought 2 pairs of bifocals,1 rimless & 1 full rim tinted for sub £50 delivered
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