Cheap Windows Phone

Found 17th Aug 2017
I am after a smallish Windows Phone for my mother.

She is currently on 3, so must be on that or unlocked.

The only essential is that it must have an LED notification light.

Anyone any knowledge of Windows phones, or even selling one?

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do they still make windows phones thought it was a dead os
LED notification tell you what?, No Windows Mobile had LEDS.
As much as I liked Windows Phone a few years ago, the operating system is dead now unfortunately. Heck, even Facebook Messenger isn't even supported on it any more.

I'd suggest going after a cheap Huawei phone, like the P8 Lite 2017, and when setting it up use the Simple home screen mode in Advanced Settings. This mode looks very similar to the Live Tiles found in Windows Phone, and you get the benefit of a more supported OS.
Honestly wouldn't reccomended a Windows phone . Can get cheapish android phones now with all the basics
Love my windows phone but even I had to jump the sinking ship win 10 mobile has no app support and Microsoft want it to die off rumour of a relaunch surface phone seems more and more of a no go ,can get iPhone £17 month carphone warehouse at mo much better option
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