Cheap Wirelsss Routers

    Just a tip if you're after a new router and want to save money.

    There are lots of sky customers selling their wireless/ADSL routers on ebay at the moment. There are usually three types available

    Netgear DG834GT (branded as sky)
    Netgear DG934G (branded as sky but it's really a DG834Gv3 - not "GT")
    Sagem (looks just like the DG934G, but it isn't)

    All can be had for between £3 and £5 from ebay as by default they're locked to sky. But the Netgear ones can be easily unlocked with a bit of simple jiggery-pokery and will become the standard Netgear variety. These Netgear routers are ultra reliable.

    Go to ebay and search for "sky router" and look out for the two netgear varieties.

    How to reflash a DG834GT Sky Router DG834GT Unlock

    How to reflash a DG934G in to a DG834Gv3

    ::. Kitz - Sky router DG934G .::

    The firmware you use can be found on the Netgear website or you can use the custom DGTeam firmware for the DG834GT or the DG834Gv3

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