Cheap Xbox 360 games wanted!!!

I want some nice cheap 360 games --im thinking about getting virtua tennis but figure i could get like 2 games for that price

I dont want king kong ok


p.s whoever finds a price i like get a 48free trial on xbox live


How about £22.99 + £1.50 shipping.

This is where I got mine from, Brand new, Region Free For less than £25 delivered. Will arrive within a week.
Direct Link Here (Click)

Hey Dan,

I've noticed you've bought quite a lot of games recently but it seems you just want more and more and the problem with this is, you're not going to play any of those games properly.

I went through a stage before similar to yours, where i would end up buying a new game every week, most of which i didn't really want but i did want my collection to keep growing.

The problem with this is i didn't get to play any of them properly and some of them didn't even get a chance to have a broken seal and i know you're not far from this.

The moral is, it's worth buying some bargain games but to leave a gap in between and bare in mind that it's not about quantity, it's about quality.

Anyway, the choice is yours because it's your money but you may be interested in this:


Hope that helps.


Hi again mate, just thought i'd offer a bit more help.

hotukdeals.com/for…625 for world snooker championship 2007 only £14.99, next lowest price is £9 more.

hotukdeals.com/for…697 for Virtua Tennis 3 at only £19.99 plus 11.5% reward points and quidco, making it under £18 with the next lowest price being £30.

Hope that helps.

P.S I'm sure you're aware, bribary won't help people look for you, we only try and help each other out of the goodness of our hearts and hope you feel the same, so it's not necessary to offer us the free trial or anything else for that matter...... i wouldn't say no to a house though

Original Poster

Holy **** -- sorry -0--- i nearly bought this yday for £26 off game lol -- but still u cnt get it for £20

ah i see now so get vt3 and sumin else for £25

I bought region-free Crackdown from play-asia.coma couple of weeks ago for $33 which came to about £16.50.It was their deal of the week and it arrived about 5 days after I ordered.

If you decide to buy from here, just make sure you select region-free on options on left hand side.

The game is in english, and plays perfectly well on my UK 360, but the manual and case is in chinese which will affect chances of trading in game in future

if you;re just after cheap games blockbuster do 2 for £20 on some preowned

including - Project Gotham, Tomb Raider, Perfect Dark, FarCry, Amped,

Or Perfect Dark Special Edition is only £10 brand new

Original Poster

Sorry i dnt do preowned nemore - i only buy brand new as when i resell I knoe that theres no scratches as my games dnt have a scratch on them
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