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Posted 25th Oct…250

I have xbox games pass ultimate pc 3 month for £2

when this runs out is there anyway to get another month for £1? it still says I can "join" for £1 but worried this will overwrite my subscription.

my main reason is for outerworlds, friend is selling key for £25 do u think tis worth just getting the outerworlds and leaving xbgp? I don't play a lot but gears 5 looks pretty good

and also the microsoft store does not let me recover games from an external drive when I wipe my OS, unlike steam
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I think the offers like that are only for new members. Once you have Ultimate Game Pass, you’re not eligible for them.

If you click ‘join’ it will most likely take you to a page to extend your membership at the normal price.

The normal price for PC is only £3.99 per month at the moment. I think that would be better for you rather than paying £25 for the game.
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