Cheap Xbox One Games on eBay, what's the catch?

Posted 29th Jul 2020
I've noticed recently a number of (usually Portugese or Italian) listings on eBay for latest Xbox One games for sales at cheap prices although no disc or code are provided. They usually have text similar to this in the description or ask you to contact:

"You will receive credentials, you can download the game directly from the store (unlimited)"

So what are they actually selling, is it account sharing or something else?
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Most likely a hacked or shared account.
They're shared accounts and the games are usually paid for using stolen credit card details.

Avoid them at all costs unless you just want to play through that game and don't care about being able to access it again in a few months from now.
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Might as well stick to the game pass £1/month stuff if you want cheap Xbox games..
If you purchase from these sellers or any Portuguese / Italian sellers, you are part of a money laundering outfit known as xcusexboxa
Just as I thought then, will give them a swerve.
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