Cheap/Decent alternative to Tiscali/TalkTalk

    I was on Tiscali who got bought out by TalkTalk, and I'm now on the TalkTalk network.

    The service has been absolutely abysmal, and I'm going to leave ASAP.

    I have TV with Sky and a phone line with BT, are there any good deals out there I could get with Sky for TV/Phone/Internet?

    My Sky TV is on some employee offer I got a code from on here.

    Please help, I'm limited to what I can get because of where I live, so Be and cable are out of the question.

    Would ideally like an all in one package with Sky..

    Any suggestions?


    Sky is Ok as long as you stay within your download limit. I am on the 2gb limit and never download any large files, but they have recently "upgraded" my package to 10gb for an extra £5 per month for "over allowance usage" which amazingly happened within a day of the start of my allowance. I expalined to their cs dept that it would be almost impossible to download 2gb of data within a day as their capped speed will not allow it (would take almost 2 days to download that amount of data) so I am awaiting their response to "downgrade" me.

    Good, cheap, fast, pick any two.

    If you can get Sky's LLU packages then Sky Max (or whatever they're calling it these days) is supposed to be very good, although the download limit is low on the other two packages and the out of area Sky Connect package apparently isn't that great.

    I'm on Post Office Broadband Extra and Homephone which is £25 for both which isn't bad, the broadband is good for my reasonably heavy use (probably 50-75GB a month) with no throttling but the support website/webmail service is awful. I've not had to use their customer support but I've heard it's reasonable.

    nickw90 :- I've had similar issues with Tiscali and recently moved to TalkTalk. My complaint regarding BB speed was escalated twice and I'm now on a higher fixed speed (constant 6MB). Also, the move to TalkTalk came with 6 months half-price at £9.24 per month including line rental on a 12 month contract. The package includes phone + BB including free evening & weekend calls.

    Original Poster

    Cheers for the replies.

    I'll try complaining to T.alkTalk first then and see what they say, in my experience though ISPs rarely care.

    Failing that I'll probably go with Sky.

    I shall report back when I've done some moaning!

    ill watch this space then
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