cheaper alternatives to ADT house alarm?

Found 1st Nov 2016
So the cheapest quote I have so far is 99£ installing fee with 3 sensors... Then I pay £26.99 for ADT. I'm a little baffled why I need to pay monthly the alarm just makes loud noise to scare of anyone breaking in... Surely they are cheaper alternatives...
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Because if you aren't in they call you and tell you your alarm is going off . Otherwise it just goes off and everyone in the street ignores it
If you need something cheap, cheerful and protective (without the hassle of wires) what about the Yale HSA wireless kits?

These were in Aldi for less than £80 a few weeks back. We have had one on out apartment for 10 years now! Batteries need changing every two years...
I bought this it takes a little setting up and requires a payg sim (giffgaff has longest deactivation time) and it basically rings me if the alarm goes off I then check my wifi camera and can action accordingly. You can also activate and deactivate the alarm by phone. It just give me piece of mind.
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buy a Yale telecommunication alarm , or a similar which rings you when the alarm goes off, obviously you need a phone line. honestly the peace and mind it gives, you will only understand when you install it. I payed someone £15 tondo mine.
I still don't understand why people install standard alarms when no one bothers to look when it rings.
£26.99 would probably be the monitored fee (they contact police on activation, after contacting you to confirm password)

£26.99 would probably be the monitored fee (they contact police on … £26.99 would probably be the monitored fee (they contact police on activation, after contacting you to confirm password)

Nope... Unfortunately not the police is not involved in that package that is on the 35+ per month package
we had an adt man round yesterday with this same package of 99 + 26.99 pm. our neighbours nearly all have adt and burglars don't like them. as they see the flashing box knowing adt ONLY do monitored alarms. dunno if my other post still on here but we was robbed of motorbike 21st Oct. only lived here short time, and it's right what guy said yest they see adt box flashing and try next house along as did with us. so we're definitely getting it installed. total is 154 as 40 for additional box at front of house, plus 4key fobs usually 15 each but discount to 15 for 4. just seeing the adt box puts them off. I can't sleep now knowing they been in garden and took bike. got me on edge but knowing for 27 a month house has alarm sensors I feel better knowing it be installed soon. man was so helpful and answered all questions. burglars don't care about other alarms as alot are not monitored but adt is, so they know a call will be made to you as soon as alarm goes off. we're going to get some cctv cameras off amazon all wireless just need someone to install them tho lol and pir security lights. so can't hide in darkness.

if youve any questions call adt and there talk you through it.
thought of getting them years ago but never did now we are as I just don't sleep. it's scary.
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