Cheaper prices on different 3DS eShop regions for consoles that don't have an NNID linked. e.g. 3D Streets of Rage [and other 3D Sega Classic games] ~£1.24

Found 1st Apr
So I was checking out some different regions and came across 3D Streets of Rage as well as other 3D Sega Classic games (except OutRun) for 99 RUB ~£1.24 on the Russian region. I tested buying and no problem. I changed my console region back to UK and still no problem.
So works fine buying from other 3DS eShop regions, as long as there isn't a NNID linked to the console

First I tried the South African region, then Norway, then I remembered the cheap Sonic Mania (Switch) price on Russian region - so I wondered if the 3D Sega Classic games might be cheaper in that region too, and found that they are.

Saw lots of other games cheaper on the various regions. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time cheapest was ~£8.70 on Norway region.
It seemed no 1 region is cheapest for all games, so it's a case of looking through and comparing the different prices. Norway prices did seem generally a bit better though.

BTW I payed using Revolut which charged £1.27 for 99 RUB.
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