Cheaper Ryanair flights!

    If you are booking a Ryanair flight, especially if it is quite expensive, you can save money by doing this.

    Book you return flight separately, and outgoing flight separately. Because when you book a one way flight (return flight) it will be charged in Euros and not pounds.

    So say a £50 return flight will now be 50 Euro, you save because of the exchange rate!

    I can't be sure if it works on all flights, but it has on mine so far!!!


    It works on all departures from non UK airports - we do this all the time. We also use a Prepaid Euro card to book the outbound journey (from UK) - you can save a bit doing this as well - when you enter the card number Ryanair automatically recognises the card denomination is in Euros and shows the converted rate just above the card details (says something like 'More Information' next to UK price and converted Euro price - if you click this highlighted part it shows that you are automatically accepting Ryanair's conversion rate, however, you MUST unclick this box and it will use the card issuers conversion rate instead which is always significantly better than the Ryanair rate .

    Hope that makes sense.

    If you allow Ryanair to do the exchange, it will probably cost more than paying in pounds.

    Your card issuer will be making money by exchanging the Euro to Pounds if it is a £ card.
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