Cheaper than going to Lapland

    For anyone who lives near Bournemouth.


    "Santas amazing snow covered lapland village.......... near bournmouth" I lolled!

    That aint the real santa!

    although saying that I'd go just to see the ghostbusters:

    anyone been?is it any good?

    Original Poster

    Not going til the 23rd December....

    I've said this before and I'll say it again... I've been to Santa's village (Saariselka) and he doesn't come out of his cabin for parties of less than 15... *honest*

    Imagine explaining that one to your kids after a four hour flight and a 40 minute Ski-Doo ride at minus 40...

    loves the word ski-doo!

    Thats going to take a lot of "instant snow in a can" !

    Supposed to be going on the 22nd... IF its still trading !

    Would like to cancel now but i doubt they give any refunds :-(

    Is their website down?

    Can't seem to get in

    Big story tonight on South Today at 6:30pm ;-)

    Just seen some poor kiddies on the news who were pretty disappointed... one lad described it as "quite rubbish and boring!" Looks quite awful, i'd be pretty vexed if I had got tickets I must say.

    saw it on the news, not worth the money and a disappointing trip...

    Did you see the Security guard on the 6pm BBC news?!?
    Reporter: Would you pay £25 to come here and see this?
    Security Guard: Erm... (long pause- Obviously thinking which answer wont get him sacked)....yes?

    This has been closed down as of today. Dunno how im gonna get my £100 back now... gonna be a tough fight and i recon the manager is going to do a runner :-( Gutted !

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