Cheap(er) waveboard / castorboard / ripstik please?

Found 12th Nov 2007
Hi guys,

I'm looking for a waveboard which also goes by the names of castorboard, Ripstik or Vigorboard. It's essentially a two-wheeled skateboard that twists on it's Y-axis allowing you to carve on ground as if you were surfing.

I had a go at the weekend and really want one but most places such as Amazon and Halfords retail them at £70-90. LAsports have their own version for £40 (with an additional £13 p&p) and Ebay have a few at a similar price when postage is concerned.

I was wondering if you eagle-eyed hunters could spot me a better deal please? Or if you've got one lying around that you don't want anymore, that'd also be sufficient. Thanks!
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