Posted 30th Sep 2022
Are there any hacks that still work to get this cheaper. Im struggling with the usual india or Argentina route with a vpn and am wondering if this has been removed now. Any suggestions please
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    Re vanced the replacememt for vanced (edited)
    You absolute legend
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    I have a question, if you've paid your subscription through a VPN do you always have to be viewing You Tube through that same VPN, hope that's not a dumb question.
    No, you don't have to always have the VPN on. You can use it as normal. VPN is only needed for registration process.

    An annoying but understandable quirk is whichever region you register from is where your initial "suggested content" will be from, so if india, you will have a lot of indian content suggested to you initially but you can click not interested etc
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    Download India vpns, then connect to Indian servers, then pay for premium, only costs less than £2. I used my Halifax card.
    What do you do for an address in India
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    I have YouTube premium via India, £1.29 a month using a Monzo account. NordVPN.
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    Newpipe app. That's what I use if android. Works a treat and better as I can download just the audio if required.
    I gave up on vpn hacks (edited)
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    Vanced still works
    Still working for me
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    I just done my youtube premium via argentina last night. All seems to be working? used nord vpn
    thanks it must be my vpn then , surfshark doesnt come up with argentine prices, its us$ by the look of it and india thinks its in the Netherlands