Cheapest 22" LCD

Ive seen a LG one on ebuyer for £169 delivered not sure if thats the cheapest out there! just for general tv use and xbox 360!


yeah saw that the other day but was disappointed to notice no freeview on it, the monitor only option is about £40 cheaper, is it worth £40 for a analogue tuner and a scart socket?

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One here for £158 … One here for £158 http://www.probsolvexpress.com/products.asp?partno=M228WA

if you check the spec on that it doesn't have a scart socket???, not much use as a tv tuner if you can't add a video/dvd or even freeview box....
maybe its just a typo but i would get an email from them confirming whether it has or not.

]play.com £149


]play.com £149

thats just a monitor, OP is after a combi tv/monitor
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