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    Now that the winter in setting in my mum and dad need to fill the oil tank which powers there AGA and Boiler.

    Does anyone know the cheapest supplier at the mow or a search web site link etc as they say the price has gone through the roof and they will hav to resort to chopping logs at 54 and 56 years old both with bad hips!! loL!

    Thanks in advance for any who post!!

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    Try Boilerjuice for a comparative cost in your area.

    However I always find that just ringing around and bartering (depends on quantity) is the cheapest way

    Yep, do try ringing around (from the yellow pages or whatever), they'll deliver quite a long way. Ask at what quantity of oil the price changes, for some it's 1000l, some at 900l. If you've lots of neighbours on oil if you could all get together and buy in bulk deliveries you'd be able to get even better prices.

    But do haggle, I get mine, paid by Direct Debit, from a Total supplier - but they always at least price-match the other, normally cheaper, supplier in town!
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