Cheapest 3 mobile phone/Getting a 3 sim to work on a normal mobile

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Found 24th Sep 2010
I have a 3 simcard but cant use it on any of my normal phones because 3 are doing this thing where you can only use their simcards in a 3 phone (or a 3G phone). It doesnt matter if you have a phone that is unlocked (or on another network) such as a Nokia 2700 which is also available on 3. It has to be a phone thats provided by 3.

Basically i need the cheapest 3 mobile phone there is out there so I can topup my simcard and use the number.

Someone said you can flash your current mobile/install the 3 software/firmware on your phone and that way the phone will work with a 3 simcard. But it still has to be a phone that 3 support. If you can advise on this, please do cos it would save me the money buying yet another mobile.


Use google theres a list of 2g that work with a 3g sim

certain 2g phones will accept the 3 sim but use an alternative network like orange which 3 pick up the tab for the fee the alternative networks charge- you as the customer know no different and dont get charged

hope this helps

ive never had any problem with using my 3 sim in any phone ive tried. aslong at it has been network unlocked its worked.

Unless something changed 3 won't allow none 3g phone's on their network. They have to pay for someone else to carry none 3g traffic, its meant as a fall back not to be used 100% of the time.

you dont need to flash anything, you just need to use a phone that can pick up a 3g signal, which is pretty much any modern phone from the last few years

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I have got a few phones, ranging from Nokia, Blackberry and SonyEriccson. Since last month, whenever i pop my 3 simcard in i get a message saying: "From today your 3 simcard will no longer work with this phone..." Then it goes on to talk about how from now on only 3 phones can be used for 3 simcards.

I've had no problems with 3 in the past, its just in the last month.
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