Cheapest 32" LCD?

    Looking for a 32" LCD TV. Primarily for a non-HDMI 360, therefore just needs a component video input and 720p capability.

    Not looking for a brand or LED, just a degree of reliabilty. Do not even need a TV tuner as I use Sky Player and watch Freeview via Media Center.

    As with everything in life, we are convinced we need things that we don't. Consequently, we all have super-quick touch-screen phones and demand Full HD despite never having the capability to take advantage of it. The knock-on effective of this is that all the TVs on here recently have not been what I have wanted. I presume anything that isn't Full HD, with Freeview HD and 5 HDMI inputs is immediately shot down or people just aren't posting them at a fear of them being ridiculed for putting them on here.

    SO any idea where the cheapest basic 32" telly is at the moment?

    As always, any help is much appreciated.


    There are LOADS of deals on here if you just type 32 into the search box!

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    Not really. I'm thinking more around the £200 mark.


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    ebuyer have a couple at around £240

    Sorry, thought you were looking for a new telly and not a miracle

    (although saying that they was one at scan yesterday for around £200 but you will find most are slightly more £240/£250ish)
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