Cheapest 32inch tv...happy to use codes etc

    Not really fussy about quality as only to pop in daugthers bedroom, must be HD ready, freeview isnt essential either. need to be able to conect with VIrgin media and plug in DVD.

    Cheapest i have seen is 279.00

    thank you for looking


    32inch TV for a childs bedroom

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    32inch TV for a childs bedroom

    she is 14 :-)

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    heres … heres 1


    Why don't you get a smaller screen,should be cheaper,i've got 26 in mine and thats plenty big enough for a bedroom.

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    i agree id be very satisfied woth that however on my "list of things to get me for my birthday " there is a rather large underlined 32

    Blimey a 14 yr old asks for a 32 inch television for her room and she gets one,wow,wish i was your daughter..hehe

    If you have a Makro card (and one near you!) then they have just put on sale Akura 32inch HD Ready LCD TV for £199.99 plus VAT so £229.99. Got one in the boot of me car on the way to work this morning.
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