Cheapest 360 PREMIUM on its own!

I have one but my dad really wants one! But only the Premium on its own so where is the bestest deal?




Cex £220 unboxed second hand
Cex £225 boxed second hand
Cex £210 Discounted [Don't know what discounted means but yeah]


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Thanks!!!!!!! thats ACE!

kool site. you used it before?

Hold on if you just want the premium on its own -- get a core and paint he tray silver

Dont use cex they are crap

Get a premium from makro for about £240 with everything hard drive etc which you can sell

uh dan, i think he wants the hard drive.. thats why he said premium, cex arn't crap. yes, they are legit, they have shops nationwide.

If you had a bad experience with cex, doesnt mean everuyone has!

Computer Exchange (CEX) are rarely cheap, and please note that those premium packs are second hand!

[SIZE=2]yeh Cex may be legit, but look at thier prices... [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]for that, you may as well buy new from macro[/SIZE]

you could get ]this
which comes with free gears of war which you could sell or keep. thats £249.99 new.

or buy a 360 core ]here for £150 if all you want the hard drive for is to save games then you can pick up a memory card cheaply. its best to get the premium if you want to play on live, for the headset, and hard drive etc

Both these sites look good!



Thanks, I haven't heard of them before and will investigate further :-)
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