Cheapest 8800GT OC(possibly)

    im looking for a low price 8800GT, evga would be prefered because of there step up program as the 9*** series out soon. Over clocked is nice as it will be btter but not nesecary/

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    Hi mate,

    had been looking around myself for a cheap 8800GT card all week. The problem was stock availability but i came across a website with a cheap price too! Only £165 inc vat. The manufacturer is Xpertvision and is fully loaded with 512mb DDr3 memory and is SLi-Ready. I put the card in this morning (working all week!) and played Call of Duty 4. It was awesome, i had the game on FULL settings and it was fabulous, no lag or anything!

    Check out the website:, there is a link on the homepage. Stock is low all around so if you want it you may have to hurry!! I gave them a call to confirm stock and ordered staright away. Thanks Zi-Clone Multimedia. :thumbsup:

    My first post, hope it is helpful!
    Tom :santa:
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