Cheapest all-in-one scanner/copier/printer

    Cheapest all-in-one scanner/copier/printer.

    As the title says really. I have no clue where to start with these things. We once bought one for £70 from Aldi but it missed bits off the edge lol.

    Any suggestions on a good deal? Thanks. :thumbsup:



    it missed bits off the edge lol.

    Did you tick the option of borderless?? :whistling: That could explain the edges...

    As in the cheapest..I haven't a clue! Sorry mate...

    I have an Epson DX4800, from catalogue, more expensive than high street!

    Good luck in your quest! :thumbsup:

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    lol, it was a long time ago and I didn't have any invlovement in using it. I'm sure I could have figured it out lol.

    argos have got a couple of cheaper ones on offer at the moment under 50.00
    ,i dont know if they are any good though:)

    First post, thought i'd give it a try...

    Cheapest All-In-One

    HP 1317 - £29.97, currently in stock at PC World Lakeside (Essex) but would try other stores... either that or if you cant get to this store then go to your nearest and get them to check the reference number for this item in your local area. This item used to be a £100 and the only reason for the drop is that its a clearance model and some boxes have water damage but insides are perfect condition from what i've seen... also not available on the website so again check with the store about spec, they can print off full spec or just let me know if you want me to dig it up....

    HP Website for 1317 A-I-O:…=4&

    -BigMac26- ([email protected])

    ...forgot to mention... although there are many lexmark printers around this price, have a look at the cartridges for them. In lexmarks case u pay about a £1 less but get half as much ink... just be careful...



    quality get what you pay for in this market…son

    Been looking around for one myself and came across this newer generation model Epson from PCworld priced at £49.94. compared it with dixons crrys etc and this seems a really good price…366

    I prefer Epson as the price of the cartridges are quite reasonable..

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    quality get what you pay for in this … quality get what you pay for in this market

    Looks good.

    I have just bought an Epson DX6000 all in one...seems to print very clearly and the ink cartridges are all in seperate tanks.

    If you have an old printer that you could trade in....then Epson have up to £100 trade ins at the moment.

    I managed to trade in an old Canon and got an extra set of ink thrown in....the printer only cost me £69.99 too! the way....Dixons, Currys and PC World are all the same company!

    Trading name is DSG

    dont go lexmark >> cheap to buy >> expensive to buy ink for!

    The Brother deal posted on this site, reasonable cartridge price too…ter

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    I still haven't bought one. :-(

    Still in a toss-up between the brother one at Argos and the Epson for £100 at Dixons... or even the Epson at PC World.

    Are there any more I should add to my decision list?

    I have the same printer as DSB is a very good printer heres a brief sumery about it. The Epson Stylus DX6000 is ideal for the home and small office user, offering a complete printing and copying solution for everyone. It provides high quality direct printing using either memory card slots or Pictbridge, together with an LCD preview monitor for simple photo selection or simply used as a PC free colour photocopier. £69.33 Inc VAT…gle

    If you can find a old printer that needs recyling you can get a Epson DX6000 like I did for £59.99. (works out at £83 delivered at Scan mentioned in previous post)…htm

    It's excellent for price and cheap ink available.

    Find nearest store/ service centre here:…ss*

    R360 is also available for £10 more but I prefer DX6000.

    Any joy Duckmagicuk2 on finding your printer? I have a hp all in one laying around couldn't seem to get it to work on my pc might let it go

    My local Tescos have a Lexmark like the one above for the same price plus clubcard points. Tesco Direct have a few all in ones around £30 on the website, ]Here not in stock like. But it says that about the Lexmark too which is in my local one.


    Just got a mailshot from Netto. They are selling a Lexmark 3-in-1 printer … Just got a mailshot from Netto. They are selling a Lexmark 3-in-1 printer from 29th March for £29.99Detail off mailshot:Printer res : glossy 4800x1200dpi ; plain 1200 x 1200 dpiSpeed : black 15ppm ; colour up to 15ppmScan res: optical 600x1200dpi ; enhanced up to 19200x19200dpiDirect photo printing with PictBridge comp digital camerasEasy bordless 10"x15" copy buttonIncludes power supply & line cord, 1 starter cartridge, set up sheet, windows install cd, lexmark imaging software & guarantee info.RRP is £59.99, offer £29.99, but I imagine there will be a queue outside Netto tomorrow at 8.30am if you want one (honestly, I've seen them queuing outside my local store on a Thursday).Here's link to site + pic:] that's useful :thumbsup:

    Watch out for the price of Lexmark cartridges as compared to other makes:whistling:

    Worked out cheaper to buy one of these all in ones than buy the 2 seperate cartridges the other day.

    I think I might trade up on my PSC 2110.. PC WORLD /Curry have the HP 2575 for £65 and it's networkable (without having to share it out via a printer) thru an RJ45 connection..

    Happy to sell my PSC 2110 - nowt wrong, just working from home more and need something that works over a network.

    I have bought this one and I know a lot of other people bought it and are very happy with it (not just on here either).


    Extremely cheap ink!
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