CHEAPEST AND BEST!!_Euro Travel Insurance

    Hi guys im off accross italy for 2wks ending in Nice for 1wk i was wondering if anyone knew the Cheapest but Best (meaning if anything happened its WORKs and u get something back etc) form of travel insurance cover?

    Lov the HELP the forums R wicked!!!



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    Anyone really could do with some info? ideas?

    You Can Get a years euro travel insurance for £25 through the post office:thumbsup:

    travelinsurance direct do a good deal i had a years insurance for the family including 26 days extreme sport and up to 28 days outside europe for £67.00

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    anywhere not for a year? just the period

    the ones all mentioned do it for two weeks but if you are planning any more jaunts over the year(stag party in warsaw? puffing in amsterdam? drinking in dublin?). You would be better with the year deal as two weeks will set you back £16-£25…=MS

    gives you a load of different prices from different companies, make sure you check out what is included in each quote i.e. baggage claim, medical expenses

    try [url][/url] - it was a Which? magazine best buy a couple of months ago.

    go through quidco and you get a further 15% off!
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