Cheapest android phone

    My Samsung Galaxy is messed up and was looking to find a new phone, I am just after the cheapest android phone so I can use whatsapp and go on the internet

    please hellp


    alcatel pop 10 something.. bought for £20 recently from argos after discounts and
    great phone.

    Not the cheapest but highly recommended is the Moto G

    It's been top of the recommended list for months

    You could always get a cheap Windows Phone for a smoother lower-end experience than a cheap Android phone often offers? Whatsapp is on the Windows Phone Store and something like a cheap Lumia can access the web just the same as any other phone, though possibly with better battery life.

    If you absolutely must go with Android, you'd do worse than a Moto E - my daughter is using one of those instead of her Nexus 4 (lack of expandable storage just killed it for her) and she is very happy with it.

    Define "messed up"
    If it's not physical, try a factory reset
    take out any sd card (just in case)
    get your gmail address and password that you originally set the phone up with
    so that your phone contacts will be restored
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