Cheapest android phone.

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Found 1st Dec 2010
Hi everyone which is the cheapest android phones with android 2.1.


Orange san fransicso?

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anything else as i already have this phone and looking for something else.

I will go with orange san francisco.

you could prob get htc hero for about £120 off ebay if your lucky, its 2.1 with sense ui

Do you have an existing phone SIM (as you could use that to help knock down the price) but also what's your budget limit - cheapest ones I've seen are as follows (each however does have hardware differences & mixed reviews):

(1) Vodafone 845 - I was offered this at £70.00p instore as an existing Vodafone PAYG & Contract Customer. If your not on Vodafone, you can purchase it online cheaply via Play.com, where's it going for £74.99p (Embedded Play Link) plus you could use Quidco or TopCashBack to knock off some money.

(2) Alcatel OT-980 - I've used one (my mate has one & tried it out) and it's not to bad but the best thing about it is the integrated physical keyboard. It's had mixed reviews but my mate loves his (he's more of an Android Power User than I am) and he's found it a good runner, as it's easier for him to use with the keyboard. Last time I saw them, they were being sold instore at Carphone Warehouse for roughly £79.99p BUT you had to purchase a top-up with it - if you have the existing phone SIM Card you could get as a phone upgrade.

(3) LG Optimus GT540 - I own this phone and at the time of purchase was running on Android 1.6 but there's an official update (along with custom updates from Phone Providers & Carphone Warehouse, dependent upon where you purchase it from) and apparently it's meant to be bundled as 2.1 as standard now. You can purchase it instore from Carphone Warehouse for just over £100.00p from what I can remember BUT you'll also need to purchase a top-up, unless you go for a phone upgrade; other phone providers are selling them but they will be locked & have customised phone provider software bundled with it.

(4) T-Mobile Pulse Mini - Older model handset but is bundled with Android 2.1 but also if purchased from T-Mobile direct (if your going to do it online link into Quidco or TopCashBack for potential money back) there's a deal on to get a £30.00p M&S voucher, for any phone over £40.00p in price. It's listed as going for £79.99p but you'll need to purchase a top-up for it (increasing the price) if your not already with T-Mobile.

Each of the aforementioned phones are entry-level Android handsets but have pros & cons associated with them - there are more models out there to look at though (Orange SF being previously mentioned on this thread) including the Samsung handsets i.e. Samsung i5500 Europa (Carphone Warehouse, £89.95p not including top-up).

I would suggest popping instore and trying them out along with taking a good look at the online reviews - at the end of the day it's down to your budget and individual requirements.

Hope that helps you out a bit!

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