Cheapest Avatar Extended Collecters Edititon Blu Ray anyone?

    I hate paying full price for blu rays, looked everywhere I can think of for this as a gift for my parents who've just bought their first blu ray player.

    The best deal I have is from Priceminister for £12.51 inc a £5 first customer discount but I don't like the sound of them and how they permanently store card details etc. It seems to be about £17 everywhere else.

    Does anyone have any discount codes or seen it in a store/supermarket recently etc. Any info greatly appreciated.


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    2 things wrong with this1 Don't be a cheapskate, your parents have spent … 2 things wrong with this1 Don't be a cheapskate, your parents have spent £1000's on you and you worry about a few pence2 Buy a film they might like, Not one your planning to sponge for yourself sometime in the future

    Jeez chill out will ya!

    First of all I was the one who purchased the blu ray player for them, I think I've spent enough for this week and secondly I personally couldn't watch this carp if you paid me but they seem to like it.

    Please if you have nothing constructive or helpful to say move bile required here thanks.

    Back on track..if anyone has seen it I would be grateful for the heads up.

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