cheapest / best deal on wii mario kart please!

    tried finding the best deal myself but I'm useless! I'm after the mario kart for the wii please.
    also if anyone all ready has this.... is it any good please?


    Hi, I have not bought it myself but I believe you can get it for £24 from Marshall Ward.

    As previously posted by helsy78:
    The code ZQ568 gets you £10 off a £25+ spend (Expires 31/05/2008)
    The game is selling at £34 without the discount.

    Here's the link to the game -…021

    Hope it's helpful, it seems a pretty good price for it!

    Mario kart isn't released for another 2 days ( 11th April ) and most sites have stopped taking pre-orders due to to high demand for the game. If you need the game quick i would buy from a shop because you may find with pre-ordering and the high demand you wont get it for a few weeks.

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    ar thanks, I haven't got a clue what I'm doing lol. was going to get it for my partner, didn't know it wasn't released yet! ta

    It isn't released yet but loads stores online take pre-orders so you can order before its released ;-) If you try various supermarkets or local game shops you might be lucky and buy it instore when its released on friday your better trying to get there when they've just opened too stand a chance of getting it

    Comes out as £27.50 as charged £3.50 for p&p

    Ah, didn't think about p&p, cheers for the update. None the less, still a fairly good deal compared to most other places

    Tescos online have it for £27 but not in stock at mo so i presume their stores will sell it at the same price if their staff don't get first dibs on em.
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