cheapest bitdefender deal... it seems to jump about from £15 in the sales to £60 if you're lazy.

Posted 27th Jun
thought i could get a cheap student deal but can't... also can't do the 'keep on trying the freebies' as they've changed the way they give the trial.. instead of just sending you code they now direct you directly to sign up page... not a problem if you want a half dozen different accoutns with all your gizmos on it but gets... untidy?

think i've seen £24ish but anyone do better? and, yes, i've gone through expired deals and browsed all the (actually v informative) posts but all expired links...

of course, i could just stop wingeing about saving a fiver but... y'know... hotdeals!

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F secure has 1 year free with Virgin.
£19.99 on Amazon?
IIRC when I got my new laptop and looked for BitDefender Free I couldn't find a DL link. So looked on old PC/laptops and found the DLed setup from an earlier DL and installed it from that so maybe you could do the same (find an old file to install free version from)?
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