cheapest bluray drive

duno much about one but would love to play blurays on my tv from my desktop but i have only found them to be very exspensive so far, ie £120+

thanks for any help



most will say get a ps3...

]Argos have a Bush Blu-Ray player at less than £100, take a peek

Edit: whoops didn't notice it was for pc...


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dont want a ps3, as i wouldnt use it, looking for a drive for my pc

Ok i dunno where you been looking for a Blu-Ray drive for you is one for you...

]£55.53 + Delivery


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o yer lol, might make a purchase then…are

Use the AVFroums free delivery when you sign upto their forums.

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kwl, are they easy to install btw?

i did mine in about 10mins, just make sure you have a sata port and a power lead from your main PSU free and that you're running more than minimum specs with a decent gfx card.
you can use ANYDVD-HD to remove region and HDCP protection and I found that some blu rays/hd-dvds will only play when the monitor is disabled and only the TV is on as the main display.
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