Cheapest Boys Bike 20 / 22 "

    I'm looking for a boys bike either 20 0r 22 " (preferably 22) and CHEAP!! lol my wee boys birthday is in july so i'm trying to get organised early!
    If anyone knows any cheap deals kicking around, please please let me know!


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    Thanks so much, both look fab.
    Btw, cheap = under £100 so these are perfect

    Cool ...all ill say is i bought my 9 year old a £70.00 for christmas and all ive had since are problems ...they told me in store that you get what you pay for with bikes...Its cost me £18 in repairs so far ...(which was refunded ) and is with them now for some more doing....I went into halfords last weekend and they had some really great bikes half price!!! £200 down to £100 and these ones weren't on the website ....just wanted you to be prepared

    Check out Winstanley Bikes in Wigan.

    They offer free delivery. Or just use their site to benchmark a price and google the model for a shop closer to home.

    I just bought myself and both my kids new bikes from there. The bikes may not be the CHEAPEST, but they seem to be cheap prices for good quality bikes.

    Look in their Clearance Kids section


    I just bought my son this bike, and it is by far the coolest boys bike I have ever seen.
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