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I'm currently in the process of moving into a new flat and need to get broadband set up.

Anyone know any good deals going with service providers at the moment, or just who is the cheapest (but reliable)?

I would prefer it if the broadband usage was unlimited though and not restricted to a cetain amount of gig a month.

Thanks for any ideas.

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AOL is one of the only ones left that doesn't monitor your bandwidth usage.

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AOL is one of the only ones left that doesn't monitor your bandwidth … AOL is one of the only ones left that doesn't monitor your bandwidth usage.

But I have heard so many stories about it being unreliable and their customer support being poor.
Is this no longer the case?

I've had no problems with the service at all. Customer services can be difficult but a lot of companies are. Generally I've had most issues resolved swiftly and they were only caused dut to a fault in the change between broadband packages.

Sky are offering broadband. If you get sky tv ( minimum £15per month but for the 1st 6 months you choose free sky sports or movie channels).
Best deal I think is MAX, which is an extra £10per month.
You get 16Mb speed, and unlimted downloads ( subject to fair usage but when I called to ask they said the fair use was 40gb per month)
Free wireless router & installation.

I've been with AOL for nearly a year now and have only ever lost connection once. in the time that i have been with them they have already once lowered my monthly cost and are now sending me a free wireless router.

i have had no problems with the customer service! i've called a few times and never had to que for more than a minute. they have always dealt with my queries quickly.

I would highly recommend them.

NOTE: if you choose to go online with them its worth phoning up every few months to see if they have any deals for existing members. they do seem to have a lot!!

Hope this helps

I have been with Tiscali since Sep 2005. No problems so far although its 1MB unlimited with Free weekend calls costing £14.99 / month.

Planning to end soon and switch to AOL contract Free offer.

I ordered Tiscali for a few friends
good price

I am with bethere, 24 quid a month, 24 MB connection, get 24 quid back via quidco.

Fast and unlimited. I cant recommend them enough.

What is the actual upload / download speed Nickmax1?

yea but bethere isn't available to all...

I live in Angel (N1) and I get sustained speeds of 500-800kb a second on bittorents, and can download from http and ftps at about 1meg a second.

That sounds good nickmax1

Considering the fact that I pay £15 for 1 Mb, this is amazing both for price and speed :wink:


I would agree with Chrisapplegate, who has recently saved me almost £100.00.
AOL is offering great deals to new as well as old customers. They have no download limits and in my own opinion they are not as they are painted to be. I have been with them since 2003. Their customer service is in India, but unlike many other outsourced as well as insourced customer services, I never had to wait for long and they were always polite and helpful. Mind you, this is my experience and you will always find someone or the other who have had a bad experience.

At the end of the day, it is what you really want and remember, before you decide, always try calling the ISP up personally to see if they have a better deal - they usually do.



I use seriouslyinternet here 8Mb download for £14.99 a month, they do have limits but the price rises are not too much (27.99 unlimited) plus the tech support side is excellent:-D

] for more details

NTL telewest are bringing out new services next month, september, as a result of the talktalk broadband campaign. No issues with usage and the service is 99.99% reliable.
Saying that as I have never had an issue with the sevice and the nice people there cut my bill from £35 per month (elite 10mb) to £15 when I complained about talktalk admittedly for six month but they are willing to review to keep custom


This is a good site for rating best providers.

I'm with Pipex, and have been for over a year, no problems so far, no limit and no contract. They may be worth a check.


The best ISP's are the ones no ones heard off...

Zen are the best,

Tiscali being the worst

On that adsl guide website you can compare 5 ISP's...

ISP Comparisant!

Have A look

[SIZE=2]I've been with Zen for a long time but they are not the cheapest...[/SIZE]
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