Cheapest broadband and phone?

    Just trying to gage things, we currently have a BT line package of some sort thats above the bog standard one and talk talk internets of some kind I dont know.

    I'm looking for the cheapest to replace them with if I stay in this flat, I found plusnet start at 22.50 with line rental and unlimited. is there any better then that, the phone line won't get used much for calls.


    It depends what you want; if you arent bothered by terrible support, poor pings, slow downs at peak periods, download speed restrictions and blocked websites, then go for it.

    An ISP where you dont get these issues costs a fair bit more.

    Have a look around ispreview at customer reviews, ISP details and services, for a feel of who does what and what the basic non-sale price is.

    You may notice that none of the top 10 biggest ISPs appear in the top 10 best ISP list.

    Also, if you dont use them, make sure you arent paying for the BT Sport package, or the unlimited calls package.
    Negotiating with BT got his monthly bill down from £60 to £33 with a faster VDSL speed than he had before.

    make sure you use the cashback sites! if you want a referral just ask as you (and me) would get a referral bonus to add on top.
    Bt are offering a cash card between 50 and 125 quid to sign up to broadband or fiber. if you go through cashback site you could automatically save between 90 and 135 quid on top of the card!
    on the other hand a sky referral gives u both a 125 quid card (depending on package) but you don't seem to get the laptop or TV offer, this can also be topped up with cashback sites.
    they seem to be the best I found recently.
    cashback sites do take a while to get the cash back, but so far I've always managed ok from topcashback and not so good from quidco etc.
    If your looking for the full package tv/phone/broadband and are not too worried about actual sky channels (sky branded) then I found the bt package much better overall due to monthly cost and What you get for your money....then the cashback etc just sweetened the deal which is only 12 months.
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