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    I want the cheapest deal on Broadband or Ideally a Mobile Broadband, the USB stick that can be carried. Only problem that I do not have a BT line & dont want one. Looking for at least 2MB Anything else that I need to mention?

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    Do you just not have a BT line or no line at all?

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    No line at all & cant afford it. :cry:

    Hi there,

    Without a BT line you can either have cable (i.e. virgin) but that is fairly expensive or you can get mobile broadband which is also expensive as it isn't really designed for primary use and so you would have to be careful not to hit bandwidth usage.

    Good comparison table of mobile broadband providers: ]http//ww…nd/

    Can you receive mobile broadband in your area? Coverage isn't nearly as good as ADSL.

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    Sorry for the late reply.I am having big troubles accessing HUKD. :cry:
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