Cheapest Calls From UK to Irish (ROI) Mobile

    A close member of the family has recently moved to Ireland (Republic of Ireland).

    Looking for the best method to get cheap cools even if its for certain time frames i.e. off peak or very late evenings and weekends calls as need to speak quite a bit.

    Happy to buy a chip or in a month or so will be heading to Ireland so even buy a chip over there. Any advice would help!


    this one any good for you?


    havent tried this yet, dont really call ROI maybe once a month ... i googled this so make sure you research a little and check terms & conditions/reviews first.


    To Call Ireland from any UK mobile

    Calls to a landline in Ireland - 1p / min
    Calls to a mobile in Ireland - 10p / min

    To Call Ireland from a UK Landline
    (works from a UK landline or UK mobile but mobile rates may vary)

    1. Dial Our Access Number:
    Calls to a Landline in Ireland
    0844 988 0252 (3p / min from a BT phone)
    Calls to a Mobile in Ireland
    0911 553 0252 (15p / min from a BT phone)
    2. Follow the prompts and dial the full international number you wish to call include 00 and the country code
    To Call Ireland from any UK mobile

    Calls to a landline in Ireland - 1p / min
    Calls to a mobile in Ireland - 10p / min

    1. Text dts to 80556
    This will give you £5 of call credit that will be charged to your mobile phone bill. You will receive a text message confirming your credit purchase
    2. Dial our access number
    020 8497 8844
    Calls to this access number are part of all UK mobile phone contracts' inclusive minutes. Pay as you go customers will be charged the normal rate for calls to the 020 number.
    3. Follow the prompts and dial the full international number you wish to call include 00 and the country code
    Do not press the call/dial button after you dial the destination number. You should only press it after dialing the access number.
    Please Note: There is also a connection charge of 1p per call to landlines and 10p per call to mobiles. Call credit will expire after 90 days unless additional credit is purchased. See full terms and conditions.

    DialToSave Mobile Phones

    DialToSave is not a retailer and does not sell mobile phones, contracts or accessories. DialToSave provides information on mobile phone contracts for sale by various online retailers using information given by those retailers and by third party comparison services.

    DialToSave does not accept any responsibility for errors in the information. It is the complete responsibility of the website visitor to check the terms of any deal on the retailer's website as deals may change and as errors may occur on the DialToSave website.

    Unless explicity specified otherwise, the retailer is responsible for any special offer such as free gifts or cashback. DialToSave is not liable for the failure of any retailer to pay cashback or to deliver a free gift.

    DialToSave International Calls

    Subject to availability. Calls are charged at your service providers rates. Calls from mobiles and some networks may be higher. Rates shown are the BT Together Option One rates and are effective from 01/03/06 and may change without prior notice.

    Terms specific to service for calling from mobile phones (Text and Talk): You must have a UK mobile and have the bill payer’s permission. This is a reverse-billed text service, cost of text to 80556 will be charged at £5.00 plus your standard network text charge. A confirmation text informing you that your mobile has been charged £5.00 will be sent shortly thereafter. Credit lasts for 90 days from day of first use. Cost of calls to the 0208 access number will be charged at your standard mobile rate to a landline or can be used as part of your mobile inclusive minutes. Calls charged per minute. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Calls made to mobiles may cost more, unless specifically mentioned in the destination list. We will automatically top you up with £5.00 credit before your credit is about to run out. We will then charge your mobile with £5.00. To unsubscribe simply text STOP to 80556 at any time. If you choose to unsubscribe, calls will disconnect once the credit is finished and a new text request with keyword to 80556 will have to be made for a further top up. A connection charge equal to the rate per minute for the relevant destination is charged on each call.

    Services provided by Telco Global Ltd and Story Telecom Ltd.

    DialToSave Cashback Reminders

    This is a free service to send email reminders of when to claim cashback according to the terms and conditions of a retailer's cashback policy.

    The service is not guaranteed and DialToSave accepts no responsibility for any loss resulting from use of the service.

    It is the website visitor's responsibility to check the retailer's terms and conditions and to claim the cashback accordingly.

    alternatively .. u can use skype which is FREE from pc-to-pc with headset and mike, as long as you both have skype on both your computers.

    If you have bt landline you can pay for options to get discounts for different countries.check for prices for country calling plans:-D:-D:-D

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all the help will look into your comments.

    Rep for all

    I use the MSE ]International call checker just tick the box to see mobile rates I think 6 or 7p per minute is average.

    my bro lives in ireland and we talk using skype.

    if this is true, you might want to ]check it out.

    dont forget skype earns you 25% on quidco.
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