Cheapest Camera available..

    Looking for a really cheap camera for a fest

    doesnt have to be decent

    Around £10 if possible

    and whats the cheapest with a screen?


    Digital or throw-away?

    Original Poster

    oooh i didn't mention that lol!

    Digital, a very cheap one

    I don't think you can get much digital camera's online for £10. And if you can don't forget about delivery charges.

    Just a quick browse and I've found this:…nre

    I think the Play one is your best bet, found this one on Amazon, but add the P&P and it comes to the same price: LINK.

    Original Poster

    Thats alright actaully hmm might get it

    It's a terrible camera, even an old camera phone would give you better quality pictures than that piece of rubbish.

    You could do much better just buying a cheap digital camera from ebay, you could get a 2mp camera for less than £10 shipped on there. Use the left hand search 'items priced' to filter search results to find cameras under £10.
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