cheapest car park at heathrow

Found 21st Oct 2010
hi there,
Anyone knows where i can find the cheapest car park at heathrow, please.. thanks alot
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did you watch watchdog, what they do to cars parked in those car parks?? I'm shocked! Cars get hired to other people, parked in supermarket car parks etc
I regularly fly from Heathrow & unless someone else has a really good promo, Purple Parking normally always come out cheapest. It hurts me to say it, cus I hate them - their customer service is apalling, but it's definitely cheap, although not so cheerful... If you use this link you get an extra discount for being an rac member. If you're not, just put in a random 9 digit number in the rac membership box & it should work - it always used to!
Thank you so much for the help, yes, am a rac member!
i park a mile away and get the free bus in.
so free, if thats cheap enough for you?
depending on how far you have to travel to get there you could do a hotel with free parking for 15 days
start from £65 including free transfer to and from terminal

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