Cheapest Car stereo with bluetooth

    Hi Im looking for Cheapest Car stereo with bluetooth? so I can play my music & answer my phone!

    Its for a single slot so im not looking one of the big stereo's that take up 2 slots!

    any help welcome!!!




    Second hand - I had a Sendai (Halfords own brand) CD988BT for some months earlier this year, which worked really well. I bought from auction site, for under £20 delivered but I've also saw a few in local ads.
    New - I'd go with the Bluetooth radio apparently available at Aldi, £40 or reduced to £20 if you're lucky…109.…AIT
    You'll probably need a fascia plate adapter, a wiring loom (iso) adapter and maybe an aerial adapter.
    They do kits on ebay, just put in your model of car

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    Thanks guys, I got the tools to take out my radio & have found out the last owner has cut & taped the wires to this after market radio! nightmare!
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