Cheapest car to buy after receiving scrappage allowance?

    Hi guys, my corsa (1995 model) is going to cost me 400£ to get it fixed so was looking down the scrappage allowance anad going for a new car.

    Just wondering if anyone is familiar with the cheapest car I could possibly buy to replace my Corsa if i used the scrappage allowance?

    Anyone have any expereince with it? Does it have to be brand new or can it be one of their used cars in their showroom?

    Thanks all


    If you are looking cheap a citroen has to be a possibility???

    Fait Panda
    Kia Picanto
    Are around £4Kinc

    Original Poster

    so 4k is the cheapest u recon? Does it work with used cars? cause they are esentially new and have improved co2 emmisions so could fall under the same catagory?

    no, the car has to be registered after 31st march 2009 i think


    no, the car has to be registered after 31st march 2009 i think

    +1, but you can buy cars that are a year old rnad new that have just been sitting on forecorts for a year at heavily discounted prices that have never been registered, so keep your eyes out!
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