cheapest cars to insure for new driver aged 19

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Found 14th Nov 2016
Hi my son just passed his driving test last week looking for cheapest car to insure with out rediculous high deposit


Look for a 998 CC, I drive a Toyota Aygo which was only £700 to insure

1litre kia picanto,cheap tax insurance petrol preferable 2004-11 first shape

Don't limit to comparison sites, go to all vendors through their sites. Avira and direct line is not to be left alone.

As above , go direct for a better deal
Also have a telematics (black box) fitted
The newer ones plug in the obd diagnostics port
Put yourself as a named driver on the policy as well

don't forget quidco on car insurance! I got £70 cashback with aviva

Don't go for things like a corsa fiesta etc. I had a 1.6 Astra as my first car as it was a lot cheaper than a 1.1 corsa.

1.2 grande punto arnt too bad


Look for a 998 CC, I drive a Toyota Aygo which was only £700 to insure

That may well be for you, but that is based on your occupation, your postcode wher it is parked etc

As above, the car won't make much difference maybe £50 here or there in it, but yes smaller cars are cheaper in the respect. Main factor is Postcode, putting one down as named driver won't build a no claims, also insurers know the trick and there won't be much in it unless the policy holder is actually the main driver with their NCD on it. You can put down less miles, or say you only use it for personal use. OF course if you are lying then your insurance is as good as having no insurance, but they are the main factors just be accurate. IF you are going to do 3000 miles just put down that, had a friend who barely drove but put down 5000 miles but does less than 1000 a year. It makes a big difference.

Getting Grandma on the insurance can make a big difference. Stupid I know, I have a clean licence and Granny has 6 points, but her name got £300 off, mine added £50.

I got my son and my wife old Skoda Felicia 1.3's, they arent the cheapest to insure, but they are cheap to buy and dirt cheap to run, for the price of a Felicia, you could only get a much older and clapped out Ford, Vauxhall or Renault that would be smaller and less comfortable for an average sized teenage boy to drive.

The chain driven engine doesnt sound nice, but it pulls well and even in spirited hands, turns in 35+ mpg (I used to get 49.8mpg average out of my sons - mixed urban and cross country)

DONT buy the diesel or the 1.6.

Google group 1 insurance cars
Some cars cheap to insure are aygo, c1, alto, dacia sandro if u looking new


get a fiesta 1.4 turbo diesel 57 to 08 plate my lad had this car just turned 18 with tesco bank insurance he did have a box fitted but no restrictions on time he could drive and was allowed up to 10000miles for the year.price £1489 this was me on as a named driver he was main driver.the fiesta 1.4 turbo diesel is the cheapest car for young drivers as long as it's no older than 10 years old.


pleas also check different between 3rd party and fully comp on every quote you will be surprised.

I don't advocate buying a new car but sometimes it can make financial sense. Some cars include insurance when purchased on PCP. When you're looking at 2+ grand for insurance it makes an affordable way to start driving with a trouble free car.
Cars with free insurance
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