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Found 25th Jun 2017
Hi. My used tumble dryer has just broken and this is the second used one which has broken on me in the past year so I am now reluctantly going to buy a brand new one.

But I really don't want to spend too much on it. It must be over 5kg capacity and a condenser dryer.

The cheapest I can see is £169 at

Can anyone beat that?
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Don't forget very charge interest too unless buy now pay later and you pay it off before 12 months.
Not much goes wrong on a tumble drier. If it's not heating it's the element or thermostat. If not turning it's the motor or most likely the belt. Even if the motor doesn't turn it could well be the capacitor which is cheap. Only other thing is controlled which can probably be picked up cheap.
I would if you can move to a traditional tumble dryer and drill and hole in wall for outlet hose. We went through three in five years. They have far more to go wrong than Conventional tumble dryer.
I had a condenser and in all honesty I wouldn't get another. I bought it because of space but it it ended up in a cupboard unused. The door didn't shut properly and it took ages to get the clothes dry. For the life of me I can't remember the make but I know it cost way over the odds compared with a normal one. I now have my niece's cast off white knight in the garage and compared to my expensive condenser it dries clothes in half the time.
i bought a 3 month old hoover condenser drier off gumtree for £40, came with the original argos receipt of £160 still going strong nearly 2 years on.
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